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Animal Normal :

Conversations avec Yona Friedman


A film by Caroline Cros & Antoine de Roux


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Year of production: 2014

Duration: 48 min.

French Version

English subtitles


Animal normal recounts the intimist conversation that Yona Friedman began with Caroline Cros and Antoine de Roux in 2007. Filmed in his apartment on Boulevard Garibaldi, probably his greatest visual masterpiece, Friedman shares with us his generous theory that posits that the individual can become the agent of improving their environment. Drawing on references as diverse as analytical or holistic thinking, cooking, natural laws, canine sensitivity, graffiti art and even ancient building practices, he conveys a vision of the world and of architecture in which improvisation, education, asymmetry, communication, creativity, immateriality and mobility are the vehicles of freedom. The interviews are punctuated and enriched by filmed sequences of the artist in action and old and recent artworks.


© Double Éléphant / a.p.r.e.s production


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Antoine de Roux, Caroline Cros, Yona Friedman