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DVD Rémanence : Daniel Buren – Jean Nouvel

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Daniel Buren — Jean Nouvel

A document produced by Gilles Coudert

(112 min. / 1994)


Conference-debate between the artist Daniel Buren and the architect Jean Nouvel presented by Jean-Louis Maubant and Frédéric Migayrou.


This film was produced as part of the cycle of Grandes Conférences designed by Alain Julien-Laferrière and organized by the Centre de Création Contemporaine and the Université François-Rabelais in Tours on April 11, 1994.

Is the museum still the place of contemporary art? Is the artist’s intervention in urban space freer than that of the architect? What about the autonomy of the work after the postmodern era?

These questions emerge from a fascinating dialogue from which the artist and the architect genuinely exchange their point of view on approaches distinct by nature and similar in the desire to integrate the plastic, architectural, historical, sociological, aesthetic context in their work. Daniel Buren explains his work: “It is in a relationship that is sometimes visible, sometimes more complex, which touches on things ranging from history to architecture in which the object in question is likely to be found.” Taking risks to make the place of the architectural or artistic object appear as an emotional space, rethinking the development of art in the city as a synergy, such is the optimistic desire, but also critical with which the artist and the The architect envision a possible articulation: because “There, there is quite simply a love of life, and of the importance of art and architecture in our life, in order to be able to enjoy it.” says Jean Nouvel.

This conference, presented by Frédéric Migayrou and Jean-Louis Maubant, gives rise to a committed and fascinating confrontation around the notion of space in art and architecture.


The DVD interface offers direct viewing of the film through a series of themes discussed during the conference.


Film © 1994 Triac Documentaire

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Digipack DVD: 112 minutes / French version / DVD5 PAL / Multizone / 4/3


October 2009


Rémanence DVD Collection

Alain Julien-Laferrière, CCC, Daniel Buren, Frédéric Migayrou, Gilles Coudert, Jean Nouvel, Jean-Louis Maubant, Université François-Rabelais