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DVD Works & Process : Francis Alÿs

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“Wide Details, on the traces of Francis Alÿs” a film by Julien Devaux and several documents.


01 – Wide Details, on the traces of Francis Alÿs (2006 / 56 min.)

A film by Julien Devaux

 “Wide Details, on the traces of Francis Alÿs”, is a documentary that tackles the vital flows in Mexico City’s historical centre through the eyes of the artist Francis Alÿs himself. Structured around interviews with his acquaintances and friends (critics, neighbourhood friends, collaborators, curators) the documentary catches a glimpse of the relationship Francis himself establishes within the various circles he moves in daily. The film then follows the artist in his travels and projects in London, Berlin, Lima and Jerusalem.

(Subtitles: Français, Español, English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Português)


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02 – Interview with Carlos Monsiváis (2005 / 22 min.)

A film by Julien Devaux

Interview of the popular Mexican writer about Alÿs and the historical centre of Mexico City.

(Spanish version – Subtitles: English, Français)


03 – The Collector (2006 / 19 min.)

A film by Francis Alÿs

A video of Francis Alÿs dragging his “Collector” through the streets of Mexico City by night.


04 – Le Temps du sommeil (2008 / 9 min.)

A film by Francis Alÿs and Julien Devaux

An introduction by Canadian curator Kitty Scott to Francis Alÿs’s work through the series of paintings “Le temps du sommeil”.

(VO Anglaise)


05 – The Thief (1999)

A film by Julien Devaux

The screensaver made by Francis Alÿs, a part of the series of artists’ web projects commissioned by the Dia Art Foundation available for download.

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DVD design and production: Julien Devaux & Bernard Josse

Double DVD with Amaray box and scabbard – 2 hours of program / 4 films – English-French-Spanish subtitles – 2 DVD5 – PAL – Multizone – AC3 Stéréo – 4/3 – EAN 3-760083-750052


September 2008


DVD Works&Process Collection (eng)

Francis Alÿs, Julien Devaux