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DVD Works & Process : Kimsooja

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With the sponsorship of Département du Val-de-Marne, MAC/VAL, Musée d’art contemporain and MUDAM Luxembourg – Musée d’art moderne Grand-Duc Jean.


This DVD is dedicated to the work of the Korean artist Kimsooja. This edition presents all the films in an English version. The DVD proposes all in all more than 2 hours of program compound of 8 documentary movies following the process of various installations all over the world (Hawaii, New York, Paris, Madrid) of which a retrospective film based on an interview with the artist evoking its whole career.



1 – The Motionless Journey (2012 / 26′)
A film by Gilles Coudert

In an interview conducted by Gilles Coudert, Korean artist Kimsooja talks about his artistic journey through numerous projects and filmed archives. From her first installations to her most recent projects, she articulates her work through her personal journey. She evokes her works based on traditional fabrics such as bottaris, her videos from the “Needle woman” series or more recent projects like that of Munbai and her masterful installation in the Crystal Pavilion by Reina Sofia.


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2 – A Mirror Woman, The Ground of Nowhere (2003 / 26 min.)
A film by Gilles Coudert

This documentary is an immersion in Kimsooja’s installation in the Honolulu City Hall during the event “Crossings 2003: Korea / Hawaii”.


3 – Conditions of Anonymity (2005 / 6 min.)
A film by Kimsooja & Daniel Watts

This film documents the performance “Beggar Woman: Times Square” directed by Kimsooja in Times Square, New York in March 2005.


4 – To Breathe: Invisible Mirror / Invisible Needle (2006 / 5 min.)
A film by Damien Faure

Kimsooja takes over Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet during the Nuit Blanche 2006 with her video installation “To Breathe: Invisible Mirror / Invisible Needle”.


5 – To Breathe: A Mirror Woman (2006 / 30 min.)
A film by Agustina Covian

This film presents Kimsooja’s installation at Palacio de Cristal, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain.


6 – Bottari Truck: Migrateurs (2007 / 26 min.)
A film by Gilles Coudert

This film takes into the heart of the making of Kimsooja’s video performance “Bottari Truck: Migrateurs” commissioned by MAC/VAL, Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, France during her residence.


7 – A Needle Woman (2009 / 5 min.)
A film by Gilles Coudert

This film shows Kimsooja’s video “A Needle Woman” featured in front of the Paris City Hall during the Nuit Blanche 2009.


8 – To Breathe: Zuoz (2011 / 7 min.)
A film by Gilles Coudert

This film documents the Kimsooja exhibition at Galerie Tschudi in Zuoz, Switzerland.

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DVD with Amaray box and scabbard – 2 hours of program / 8 films – French, English & Spanish versions / French & English subtitles – 1 DVD5 – PAL – Multizone – AC3 Stéréo – 4/3 & 16/9 – EAN 3-760083-750022


September 2012


DVD Works&Process Collection (eng)

Gilles Coudert, Kimsooja