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Kimsooja, God’s Lantern

A film by Gilles Coudert & Damien Faure

With the voice of Charles Berling


Available in DVD

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Year of production: 2022

Duration: 52 min.

Original version

French & English subtitles


Since its construction, numerous artists have been commissioned to create stained-glass windows for the Metz Cathedral, whose luminous expanse of colored glass inspired the nickname “God’s Lantern”. To celebrate the cathedral’s 800th anniversary, the Korean artist Kimsooja proposed a new work in a dialogue between contemporary art and cultural heritage and between Eastern and Western thought. This film tells the story of this incredible historical, human, spiritual and artistic adventure.


© a.p.r.e.s production / aaa production / Moselle TV


Art contemporain, Exposition, Performance, Prod (eng)

Damien Faure, Gilles Coudert, Kimsooja, Metz