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Les Poètes sont encore vivants

A film by Xavier Gayan


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Year of production: 2016

Duration: 70 min.

French Version

English subtitles


A film about poets? And still alive? It is the bet of the director Xavier Gayan who led for several months a series of interviews with contemporary poets to understand, by their words, by their gestures, by their looks, what incites to make poetry in a world where this practice seems more incongruous than ever.


With Benny Aguey-Zinsou, Maram Al Masri, Edith Azam, Stéphane Bataillon, Paul de Brancion, Emmanuel Comtet, Jacques Darras, Marc Delouze, Souleymane Diamanka, Mireille Fargier Caruso, Yvon Le Men, Charles Pennequin, Jean Portante, Lysiane Rakotoson.


© Xavier Gayan / a.p.r.e.s production

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Available in DVD


Philosophy, Poetry, Prod (eng), Social

Benny Aguey-Zinsou, Charles Pennequin, Edith Azam, Emmanuel Comtet, Jacques Darras, Jean Portante, Lysiane Rakotoson, Maram Al Masri, Marc Delouze, Mireille Fargier Caruso, Paul de Brancion, Poésie, Souleymane Diamanka, Stéphane Bataillon, Xavier Gayan, Yvon Le Men