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Lydie Arickx, Arborescences

A film by Véronique Godé & Damien Faure


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Year of production: 2021

Duration: 17 min.

Version française


Giant fetuses, trees with flaming lungs, heaps of amalgamated resinous bodies or even fluorescent deer, are the magical monsters that inhabit the film “Lydie Arickx, Arborescences” directed by Véronique Godé and Damien Faure.

For four months and on the occasion of the reopening of the Château de Chambord in 2021, the guest-artist designs an unprecedented journey of protean works. From this whirlwind of media, colors and shapes, the film extends the viewer’s experience by immersing them in the heart of the mineral, vegetable and animal matter produced by the artist. Instinctive and vital, his radically contemporary creations produce a striking dialogue with the architecture of the Château, which is certainly organic.

The curator of the exhibition Yannick Mercoyrol and Lydie Arickx herself tell the story of this abundance.


With the support of the Domaine national de Chambord and the participation of Lydie Arickx.


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art contemporain, Damien Faure, Domaine de Chambord, Lydie Arickx, Véronique Godé