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Tadashi Kawamata

Collective Folie

A film by Gilles Coudert


Available in book with DVD

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Year of production: 2013

Duration: 30 min.

Original Version

French & English subtitles


This film follows the process of construction and deconstruction of a collaborative work by Tadashi Kawamata installed in the Parc de la Villette in Paris. Over the course of numerous workshops with high school students and volunteers, we witness the raising of a wooden tower of about twenty meters made from recycled materials. Testimonies and reactions from participants, organizers and art critic Emmanuelle Lequeux give us their impressions and the challenges of this collective madness.


© a.p.r.e.s production


Contemporary Art, Installation, Prod (eng)

Emmanuelle Lequeux, Gilles Coudert, La Villette, Tadashi Kawamata