Partnership with the Edis / Avignon Endowment Fund


at the Grenier à sel in Avignon

October 9 > December 19, 2021


The “Lumière Espace Temps” exhibition brings together 14 contemporary artists in homage to Nicolas Schöffer, precursor of electronic arts and encounters between artistic disciplines. Cybernetics, robotics, interactivity, prismatic visions, video art and dream machines are on the program of this selection gathered at the Grenier à sel in Avignon.

With Elias Crespin, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Pe Lang, Adrien Lucca, Etienne Rey, Antoine Schmitt, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Olivier Ratsi, Santiago Torres, LAb[au], Justine Emard, Ronan Barrot – Robbie Barrat, Maurice Benayoun and Niko de La Faye.