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DVD Architectones by Xavier Veilhan

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Architectones by Xavier Veilhan
A film by François Combin
(70 min. / 2015)


« What is the ultimate place where I would like to show my work?”

Echoing his exhibition at the Palace of Versailles, the artist Xavier Veilhan opens the doors of seven modernist houses from California to Europe. He established his contemporary works there for a dialogue with the unique architecture of these places. Architectones by Xavier Veilhan immerses itself in this new adventure and explores the creative process, exhibitions and performances. The artist appropriates the architecture and reactivates these emblematic houses, thus offering a new and ultra-contemporary vision of modernism.

This DVD includes the film score, original music by Nicolas Godin (Air) recorded at the concert performed in the Church of Saint Bernadette du Banlay, in the city of Nevers. The DVD also includes a booklet with Xavier Veilhan’s interviews with architect Claude Parent and the philosopher Paul Virlio, recorded for this film.


Film © 2015 Urubu Films


Architectones by Nicolas Godin at Sainte-Bernadette
A film by François Combin
(19 min. / 2015)
Bonus © 2015 Urubu Films


+ Booklet (24 pages) with an interview between Claude Parent and Xavier Veilhan (Français/English).

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DIGIPACK DVD / Original version / French & English subtitles / DVD5 PAL / Multizone / 16/9

Booklet: 24 pages / 12 x 18 cm / English texts / textes français


March 2016


Architecture, Contemporary art, DVD Collection (eng), Exhibition

Barcelone, Church of Sainte Bernadette du Banlay, Claude Parent, François Combin, John Lautner, La Case Study House n°21, la Cité Radieuse, Le Corbusier, Los Angeles, Maison Melnikov, Marseille, Moscou, Nicolas Godin, Pavillon Mies van der Rohe, Pierre Koenig, Richard Neutra, Sheats-Goldstein Residence, VDL Research House, Xavier Veilhan