l’estació project was born in 1999 at the initiative of Betty Bui, visual artist whose maternal family comes from the village of Benifallet (Catalonia-Spain), and Gilles Coudert, author-director of films on contemporary art and architecture. The result of a dialogue with the inhabitants of the village and its representatives, l’estació is an artistic experience that resonates with the village and the local context. The various actors of this event reinvent, through plastic proposals, new dynamic relationships with the environment and, more precisely, with the rural world, the landscape and nature.

In consultation with the town hall of Benifallet, l’estació asserts its role of adviser and actor with the village through the implementation of successive projects. At each stage of the projects (urban interventions and events), the inhabitants of Benifallet and the various groups and organizations of the village (associations, school, cooperative, town hall, etc.) are involved in the creation process through conferences, meetings, workshops, activities. school, etc. Each year, students of various nationalities actively participate in the realization of the projects. A residency in stages allows creators to better understand the specific situation of Benifallet and to work in a permanent dialogue with its inhabitants.