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Gilles Clément

Le jardin en mouvement

A film by Olivier Comte


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Year of production: 2013

Duration: 52 min.

French Version

English subtitles


Grand Jury Prize at the Camera des Champs Festival 2015.

Film selected at the Milano Film Festival 2015.


This film traces the atypical path followed by Gilles Clément, gardener, landscape architect and author. With his Garden in Motion, Planetary Garden and Third-Landscape concept, Gilles Clément questioned the art of gardens in the late 20th century and conveyed the influence of ecology. From his own secret garden, the Vallée, lost in the middle of the woods in the Creuse area of France, we discover the many creations that are part of his long series of designs and innovations. These include the Domaine du Rayol in county Var, the Henri Matisse park in Lille and the Third-Landscape garden on the former military base in Saint-Nazaire. Gardens are not just a field of potatoes, they are places of political utopia where scientific thought is put to work and dreams transport us to other worlds.


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Garden, Philosophy, Prod (eng), Town planning

Gilles Clément, Jardin, Olivier Comte