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Karina Bisch & Nicolas Chardon, Modern Lovers

A film by Antonie Bergmeier & Damien Faure


Year of production: 2022

Duration: 14 min.

French version


Comfortably installed, surrounded by their paintings, plants and photographs from their life-size studio, the artist couple Karina Bisch and Nicolas Chardon seem to welcome us into their home. Creating a domestic-looking space, a “house of paintings” within the MACVAL, Musée d’art moderne du Val-de-Marne was the primary challenge of their Modern Lovers exhibition.

Multiple are the points of view and movements offered by the scenography. It is in this sense that the film invites the visitor to explore this cardboard decor at the crossroads of art and life, modernism and burlesque, high culture and popular culture.


© a.p.r.e.s production / MACVAL / Musée d’art moderne du Val-de-Marne


Art contemporain, Exposition, Performance, Prod (eng)

Antonie Bergmeier, Damien Faure, Karina Bisch, MACVAL, Nicolas Chardon