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Tadashi Kawamata


A film by Gilles Coudert


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Year of production: 2014

Duration: 34 min.

Original Version

French & German subtitles


Film selected at the 2015 ARTECINEMA Festival.


Tadashi Kawamata responded to the invitation of the Kunstmuseum Thurgau located in the heart of the old Charterhouse of Ittingen in Switzerland by building in situ with students and collaborators of the foundation a nine-meter high tower made up of thousands of logs of firewood from the monastery forest. The construction of this “Log tower” constitutes both a feat of stability and an aesthetic experience which crystallizes fundamental questions around contemporary art such as the notions of use or disappearance.

Gilles Coudert‘s film shows us the construction process of this collaborative work developed with the architect Christophe Scheidegger and reproduces this adventure through the testimonies of the inhabitants, students, organizers as well as the various actors of the project and reactions from visitors.


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Christophe Scheidegger, Gilles Coudert, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Suisse, Tadashi Kawamata