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BOOK: Primera Estació – Benifallet

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primera estació is the first step in a comprehensive project called l’estació. It aims to be a vector of research in resonance with the village and the local context where we reinvent, through plastic proposals, new dynamic relationships with our environment and more precisely with the rural world, the landscape and nature. This project proposes a reconciliation between the culture of the earth and the spirit, a reconsideration and a rereading of the environment through the interventions of the invited artists.

From September 7 to 12, 1999, during the traditional festivals of the village of Benifallet, a privileged and convivial moment between the villagers, seven young European artists intervene for the first time in the village.

Each offers one or more interventions, in an emblematic place of the municipality, associated with a meeting moment. Each project promotes the exchange and the relationship between the artists and the inhabitants of the village: the presence of the artists, for the production of the works, then for the presentation of the interventions, are all elements that make possible a real communication and awareness around contemporary artistic issues.

From this village / artist collaboration is born an original festival program, associating each intervention with a festive event and a unique place in Benifallet. (Betty Bui and Gilles Coudert)


List of artists and works:
Betty Bui
: Les Pas du Fleuve / Anne-Marie Cornu : Les Cercles lumineux / Jakob Gautel : Le Chemin de lumière / Patrice Hamel : Répliques / Jason Karaïndros : Ici et là-bas / Miquel Mont : La Peau murale / Carmela Uranga : Le Thé anglais / Jakob Gautel & Jason Karaïndros : Le Détecteur d’Anges.


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BOOK: French / Catalan – 12,5 x 17,5 cm (hardcover) – 62 pages (color & b/w ill.) – ISBN 2-85893-562-9




L'estacio Collection

Anne-Marie Cornu, Betty Bui, Carmela Uranga, Jakob Gautel, Jason Karaïndros, Miquel Mont, Patrice Hamel