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DVD Deep into sleep

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Deep into sleep
A film by Virgile Novarina
(39 min. / 2016)

A literary and philosophic exploration of the various states of sleep. Embark upon a dreamlike path to the heart of sleep through the reading of four texts by Michel Butor (Matière de rêve), Clément Rosset (Route de nuit), Pierre Pachet (Nuits étroitement surveillées) and Jean-Luc Nancy (Tombe de sommeil), and a series of sleepers.


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Autour du sommeil
A film by Virgile Novarina
(12 min. / 2005)

A brief summary of sleeping life, for use by those who are awake. Constructed like an animal documentary on the subject of sleepers, this film tells the story of a single day, from morning to night. The only characters in the film are sleepers and yawners who were filmed on mass transit, in public spaces and in private space.


Michel Butor, Le rêve dans l’écriture
A film by Virgile Novarina
(18 min. / 2016)
Michel Butor looks at his entire work through the prism of dreaming: the dreams of the characters in his novels, his book “Matière de rêve” and his poetry like a waking dream.


Pierre Pachet, La force de dormir
Un film de Virgile Novarina
(14 min. / 2016)
Pierre Pachet looks back at two of his books: “Nuits étroitement surveillées” and “La Force de dormir.” He describes how his interest in sleep led to his desire to write.


Films © 2005, 2016 Virgile Novarina

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DIGIPACK DVD / French versions / English subtitles / DVD5 PAL / Multizone / 16/9 & 4/3


December 2016


DVD Collection (eng), Literature, Philosophy

Clément Rosset, Jean-Luc Nancy, Michel Butor, Pierre Pachet, Virgile Novarina