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Pierre Pinoncelli, l’artiste à la phalange coupée

A film by Virgile Novarina


Year of production: 2021

Duration: 52 min.

Original Version

French subtitles


Since his two hammer attacks on Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain urinal in 1993 and 2006, artist Pierre Pinoncelli has been known the world over for this iconoclastic and subversive act. This resounding artistic attack obscured the rest of his career in the eyes of the public. Stopping painting in 1966 to devote himself to happenings, Pinoncelli has never ceased to denounce the contradictions of our society. Pinoncelli is the man who sprayed André Malraux with red paint in 1969, who robbed a bank to protest against apartheid in 1975, who publicly mutilated himself in Colombia to free Ingrid Bétancourt and denounce the violence of the FARCS in 2002 Portrait of an extraordinary artist by Virgile Novarina.


The film received the Grand Prize at MIFAC 2022.


© a.p.r.e.s production / Vosges TV

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Contemporary art, Pierre Pinoncelli, Virgile Novarina